Onn Gaming Keyboard Onn 100004357 Onn. Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches Adjustable 16.8M Programable RGB LED Lighting Software for Windows Only

Walmart Onn Brand Official Onn Gaming Keyboard

Onn. Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches Adjustable 16.8M

Programable RGB LED Lighting

Onn 100004357 Game onn keyboard

Onn Gaming Keyboard

onn mechanical gaming keyboard

Click away on the onn. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard! Your game play is only as good as the tools you wield — and we’ve got the key to the precise response time you’ve been missing! Our gaming keyboard features blue mechanical keys that give a satisfyingly sharp “click” sound and tactile resistance with each keystroke, so you can be confident with every move you make. Programable RGB LED lighting with 16.8 million customizable colors create endless color combinations for every mood and environment — making your gaming experience one-of-a-kind. A quick response time is no joking matter … Your character’s life is onn. the line here! Surf your computer with the onn. Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.

We’re onn. to something here. We took the hassle out of buying electronics and built a brand that’s fresh and simple. With delightful pops of color, finding the right product has never been easier. Say goodbye to stressful decision-making and fear of the electronics aisle. Our mission is simple… to deliver great products and make it easy. Choose onn. and get back to using your brainpower for the important things in life… like pondering the question, “What should I binge watch this weekend?”

onn mechanical keyboard game onn rgb mechanical keyboard

Onn 100004357

Onn Gaming Keyboard Walmart United State

Onn Gaming Keyboard Price: $39.00

Onn Gaming Keyboard Feature

onn. Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches:

  • Blue mechanical switches (guaranteed to 50 million clicks) with solid aluminum frame
  • Adjustable lighting with 16.8 million combinations/effects and key marco programming software (Windows only)
  • Removable magnetic wrist rest
  • PC and Mac compatible with USB plug and play
  • Programmable RGB backlit keys with radiant lighting effects Anti-ghosting for simultaneous keystrokes
  • Programmable software for macros at www.onn2.tech
  • USB plug and play Windows and Mac compatible
  • Measures 17 in L x 8 in W x 1.57 in H (43 cm x 20.3 cm x 3.9 cm)

Download software at:  https://www.onn2.tech/

Onn Gaming Keyboard Specs

Manufacturer Part Number100004357
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)17.70 x 6.02 x 1.22 Inches

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