Amazon Basics Mouse Not Working Amazon Basic Mouse Not Connecting Amazonbasics Wireless Mouse Not Working

Amazon Basic Mouse Not Connecting

AmazonBasics Mouse Not Working

Amazon Basics Mouse Not Working

Amazonbasics Wireless Mouse Not Working

Connect amazonbasics wireless mouse

  1. The nano receiver automatically pairs with the product. If the connection fails , interrupted or not working, switch the product off and reconnect the nano receiver.
  2. Re-plug the receiver into the USB port on your computer, then press the Amazon Basics Mouse connect button on the mouse
  3. If the mouse does not work after 10 seconds, pair them again. (The receiver has auto pairing function).
  4. The LED indicator on mouse flashes steadily when it is in pairing mode and stops blinking when it is successfully paired with the receiver.

Please Note:

  1. When you get a new mouse, remove the nano receiver from the USB port and plug it back in.
  2. Set the ON/OFF switch on the bottom side of the mouse to ON.
  3. When low battery, the battery indicator( key) on the mouse will start to

Amazonbasics Bluetooth Mouse Key Functions LED Behavior Pairing

Pairing Mode

  1. Press and hold down the scroll wheel right button for 3 seconds.
  2. Red LED, 2.5 seconds on and 2.5 seconds off.
  3. Pairing time: max. 1 minute (if after 1 minute the pairing was not successful the mouse will deactivate the pairing mode).

Amazonbasics Wird Mouse Not Working

  • Amazonbasics Wird Mouse no need to do pairing steps, if Amazonbasics Wird Mouse Not Working, please plug to USB port again, or change another usb port.
  • If it still not work, please contact amazon support, recommend contact on your amazon order! Amazon customer service will satisfied solution

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